Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights Foundation – Detectorists Code of Ethics

The Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights Foundation takes its mission seriously to defend the rights of detectorists to responsibly enjoy the hobby. We also take seriously the Detectorists Code of Ethics.

  1. I will follow all laws relating to metal detecting on federal and state lands as well as any laws pertaining to local areas I may be searching.
  2. I will respect private property and attain the owners permission before metal detecting.
  3. I will recover targets in a way that will not damage or kill vegetation and I will fill in holes completely leaving the area looking as it was.
  4. I remove all trash found and dispose it of properly.
  5. I will report discovery of any items that have significant historical value to the proper authorities.
  6. I will use common courtesy and common sense at all times.
  7. I will set a good example of how people should enjoy the lawful hobby of recreational metal detecting.

We openly invite all responsible metal detectorists to join our mailing list, so we can keep you up to date on the latest issues and triumphs related to the lawful enjoyment of metal detecting.